July 15, 2004

Monster Smash?

I saw Godzilla last nite, the original, not the dubbed one. I'm glad I saw it but I dunno what all the fuss is about. It's a monster who destroys things.

Despite what I've heard about this cult favorite, I found it basically kind of boring and stupid. The acting sucked too. Godzilla is not even a fun monster with attitude. He like basically just stomps around destroying things and breathing fire on things. Like what's the point? You didn't even see him eat people really. And when he was standing around wondering which neighborhood he should stomp next, he reminded me of myself when I can't decide where to go for lunch. Which brings me to moviegoing fact #12: A movie is bad when you start thinking of similarities between yourself and the monster.

Ok, I understand that there was a "message" about war and science and radioactivity and H-bombs and humanity, etc. But whatever. I like my monsters with attitude, and a stomping boring fire-breather who roars just doesn't cut it.


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