May 23, 2008


Just because a movie has been out for, oh more than a couple of years, people shouldn't assume everyone has seen it. Okay? And people at work should really NOT talk about the whole movie and what happens to the person in the cube next to you.

I mean, Damn! I haven't seen that flick where Hilary Swank is the boxer and all that but maybe someday I will and this kid who is normally soft-spoken is basically recounting the whole fricking plot to the guy in the next cube, who by the way, also hasn't seen it, and yet I don't recall his asking for a play-by-play. But whatever.

Do I have the right to horn in and say, "Um, I haven't seen it yet, please don't ruin it?" I dunno. I don't feel like being chatty right now, I actually want to do some work. (I know! Weird! Must be the pending three-day weekend.)

Anyhoo I had to pull out the old iPod--stashed in my desk at work--and hurry up to untangle the headphones and get John Fogerty blasting "Centerfield" before the movie's ending was ruined.

The same thing happened on the bus this week, too, when I was going home. Some dumb chicks were yammering at decibels too loud for public transportation (and one was squeaky too, like Minnie Mouse) about a movie or a show or something (my ire maketh me forget which) and I didn't have any way to block them out. It's surprisingly difficult to block out this kind of chatter when you want to, somehow the audio knows just how to creep into your ear.

Anyhoo my boss just came by and we filled out an online survey for work so I got distracted but at least my cubemates left so I still don't know how Million Dollar Baby ends. And btw, if one of you effers posts it as a comment, you will have made an enemy for life.

Cue ominous music and be on your best behavior,



Anonymous rebecca said...

You could just jam your fingers in your ears and start singing loudly. Normally, when I do that, people look at me funny, though. :P

Yeah, I hate that. People should realize that not everyone has seen every movie and at least pipe down or something.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Aw, give them a break, Flapjam. You know as well as I do that The Cone of Silence
has never worked right.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Hannah L said...

Youth in Asia. Oh! Sorry. I must be on the wrong blog.

9:54 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Euthanasia? You wily hannah l, you!

Oh well. I can't crawl into a cave and hide...

or can I?

1:37 PM  

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