March 22, 2008

Love, Hate, and a couple of games

One Thing I Love
  • Getting magazines in the mail

One Thing I Sometimes Love
  • Corn dogs (all-beef corn dogs, that is)

Two Things I Hate
  • When characters on tv shows use "and I" incorrectly.
    Ex. "Come eat dinner with Sam and I."

  • When people in real life use "myself" incorrectly.
    Ex. "Please give your donations to either John or myself."

Two Things I Sometimes Hate
  • My neighbors

  • People who brag about their kids in an obnoxious way, especially for no reason.
    Ex. "I'm a Princeton Mom." Yeesh. Can it, lady. Nothing wrong with a little pride (except, okay, it is a sin...), just keep it to yourself. Thanks!

Three Random Words
1. Toast
2. Thermometer
3. Mercury

A Fun Game
Here's a little game I like to call "The Geography Game." It can be played on the fly, sans board, sans dice, and heck, even sans another player. The first person says the name of a city, town, state, country, or continent. The next person has to name another location using the last letter of the word the first person said.

Ex. Player 1: Denmark
Player 2: Kentucky

And so on. It's really kinda fun. The first player who gets stumped or repeats a location by accident loses.

It's also interesting to see which letters repeatedly come up. (And yep, you can name countries that no longer exist or were renamed.)

You can use the same concept for another game, like tv show titles, books, actors, but I gotta say, the geography one is the most fun, and you might even learn something.

Another Fun Game, or Yet Another Thing Flapjam Shouldn't Cop To

Sometimes when I can't sleep, or I'm on a plane, or I'm bored, I like to run down the alphabet thinking of random words as fast as I can.

Ex. Apple, bandanna, crate, dog, eskimo, flapper, gigabyte, hemlock, ice cream, joker, kitsch, lemon, mandolin, nanosecond, opera, purgatory, quiescent, rook, stove, turtle, underneath, venture, wrath, x-ray, yesterday, zygote.

Hey, it's a good thing I just did that, 'cause now I'm tired and can log off and go to bed.



Blogger Hannah "Ice Pick" said...

Oooh, good 'h' word. We went to an open house a few weekends ago that John wanted to check out just because of the sexy address: 145 Hemlock Rd. Turned out to be a pretty cute house, too.

8:42 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Heh. So you're not in the market for a house, eh? Keep me posted. I think living on Hemlock Road would be pretty cool. (Better than shamrock, too.)

11:11 AM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

Hey, I do that same trick to try to go to sleep. I usually pick a category, like artists:

Ansel Adams, Berthe Morisot, Calder, Degas, Edward Hopper, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, etc...

I also get really annoyed with "and I" and "myself" mixups, although I don't differentiate between characters on TV or regular people. (I must say, news reporters and anchorpeople do it more than anyone on Earth!!!)

2:22 PM  

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