August 23, 2006

Friendly 411 from Flapjam

I have always enjoyed Hints from Heloise (that's Heh-loys if you're trying to be funny) because you just can't beat the common sense items that people send to her. I read her Sunday column religiously for about a year during college. No, we didn't get the paper delivered, but once or twice I may have accidentally on purpose snagged it from our friends/neighbors two blocks down and naturally, returned it before they even missed it. I only did this a few times. Mostly because it's no easy task to unfurl and refurl the tome that is the Sunday paper, especially when you're trying to put it back in the plastic baggie. There should probably be a hint about that.

Heloise made me laff so much that one of my pals gave me a big compilation book of Hints as a gift one year. It's a crack-up to learn that if you want to keep recipes on hand where you can see them, you ought simply to print them on index cards, and then use magnets to stick them on magnetic surfaces in your kitchen, like the refrigerator or the back panel of your stovetop. Sure, it's no Straight Dope, but it's close!

Anyhoo, it occurs to me now that I should put Flapjam to better use. If the referrals from search engines are any indication, I'm here to provide you with helpful insights and answers about many practical household matters. Don't believe me? Apparently I'm getting traffic when people put the following into search engines:
  • wet bath towel and mold

  • why does my wet bath towel smell bad?

  • stop toilet flushing

  • kitchen floor smell good

  • toilet keeps flushing itself

  • toilet broken how to fix won't stop flushing

  • smelly wet bath towels

  • my towels smell musty after laundering

  • musty smell in bath towels

  • how to clean bath towels so they won't smell like mildew

I've got plumbing, laundry, and cleaning covered!

And then there's my personal fave, which is not so much about household how-tos, but really more of a kindred spirit thing: fish chips president's choice.

Btw, I've found a new product that could possibly replace my long-lost seafood love. What is it? Discover my new joy. I only noticed it a few weeks ago and have already consumed two packages (of the first item that appears on the page). Mmm, that's mighty delicious!


Anonymous Cody said...

I love that this is the total extent of the "SeaPak Story":

"Since 1948, SeaPak has provided a wide variety of great-tasting, easy-to-prepare shrimp products of the highest quality to seafood lovers everywhere."

Seems a little light on the details, no? I was looking for a little excitement, like pirates and sharks.

12:52 PM  
Blogger h. said...

That is pretty hilarious. I almost clicked on their story yesterday when I was getting the link, but I'm glad I didn't. It makes me wonder if there is a good Gorton's story. I heart food lore and food history...

However, if you are looking for pirates, may I suggest: Mystery Link 1 and Mystery Link 2. Of course, there's also always September 19th.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Vicki said...

It looks like your SeaPak link isn't working anymore, but you can try this one: Also, the more current SeaPak story is at (though it is still a little light!): Enjoy!

8:50 AM  

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