February 03, 2006

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?!

I just read where Dole is stopping pineapple production in Hawaii, and I gotta say, even though I don't really eat pineapples, this news shocks and saddens me. It might be because I associate Dole with Hawaiian Punch (maybe I shouldn't..it's a product of the Dr Pepper/Seven Up folks) and Hawaiian Punch was yet another staple of my childhood.

I just lost my train of thought finding a good (or, ok, informative) link for you.

Anyhoo. Hawaiian Punch had fun commercials, was Fruit Juicy Red, and was quite delicious. It kicked Kool Aid's ass, Oh Yeah! And not just because its character is named Punchy. There's just something comforting about drinking Hawaiian Punch from a plastic cup, don't make me try to explain it. I mean if you haven't experienced the joys of eating a hot dog, Ruffles, and drinking a cup of HP, then you probably won't ever understand why the Dole news troubles me. It's all about associations, people.

Speaking of which, one summer between sophomore and junior years of college, I came up with a research project for myself. I don't recall what the driving force behind it was—actually, I think it was my telem--

---Hm, yet another unfinished post. I may get back to this later. Or maybe I'll ask you guys (all 2 or 3 of you) to vote on which unfinished post should be finished. It's like American Blogger! (gah)


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