July 02, 2006

I say from Heaven..which side are you on??

Ok, this comes up every now and again, and while I've had one *possible* landfill moment, I strongly come down on the side of retention. Hey, just call me an AmeriCAN.

Updated: August 6, 2006

Long Live Lincoln--but apparently not the link to this news story.

Try these on for size (not the actual names of the stories). Some are from AP, but vary slightly. Woo, variety!

Long Live Lincoln the Second

Pity the Poor Penny

Save It, Earn It

Last stop: Americans for Common Cents -- The Penny Homepage!

By the way, next time you've got a penny, look for Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial. (You may need a magnifying glass, or if you're like our friends the flies, just trying tilting it a little bit. Awesome!)*

This fun fact courtesy of some old guy at a restaurant today.


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