February 05, 2006

Your basic 5:00 a.m. post

It's 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

Do I write about the death of Al Lewis, or about why I'm up so freaking late?

Do I continue the draft post I started on Friday, or do I continue the draft post I started in October?

Do I write about how I may have missed a good opportunity at Salon personals because I haven't logged in for about a month? I do? Great. So I didn't log in for about a month and tonite I see there was an e-mail (sent in early January) from someone potentially interesting. I say "potentially" because his profile is deactivated. That's right, even though I can see his picture (well, sort of), read his email, and reply to it, that ship has basically sailed. Whatever. But did that stop me from sending one of my famous rambly messages in return? No, it did not. Although I probably shouldn't have mentioned that thing about the aliens. (Never mind, don't ask.)

There was precedent (or whatever) for the aliens, though. I'd say more but they might come to take me, and if no one believed Whitley Streiber—altho he did get a book deal out of it—they sure as heck ain't gonna believe me. I don't want the aliens to take me anyway. Let's move on.

Um. I hear tomorrow (ok, later today) is some big football game. I don't know who is playing, I don't know where they are playing, I just hope that it means the laundry room will be free, free, free all day and evening. Football is boring. There, I said it. If you disagree, please leave a comment. If you do agree, please leave a comment. If you have no interest whatsoever, I think you're me, and it's time for us to go to bed.



Anonymous donutbabe said...

The only thing more boring than football is . . . is . . . oh, let's face it: nothing is more boring than football.

7:12 AM  
Blogger janelle said...

"I just hope that it means the laundry room will be free, free, free all day and evening."

That's exactly what I had hoped as well. And laundry is exactly what I am doing.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous positively4thst said...

This blog entry reminds me of the song “Early in the Morning” – “Early in the Morning” as sung by Harry Nilson on “Nilson Schmilsson” that is. Van Morrison also has a version of this song, as does B.B. King. I’ve heard all 3 versions, but the one I really like is Harry’s. It’s on the album “Nilson Schmilsson.” You know the one, from the early 1970s, where Harry is on the cover standing in his bathrobe in the kitchen looking all insomniac and all? No? Sigh. Well gather ’round children, and I’ll tell you of an even older song that’s actually called “Five O’clock World.” I don’t remember who sang it but I used to hear it on my transistor radio (that’s right, and I’ll say it again: transistor radio) when I was in the basement folding the newspapers for my paper route. But your blog entry doesn’t really remind me of that song other than the coincidence of the chorus. Probably because the Five O’clock World the guy was singing about in Five O’Clock World is 5 o’clock in the evening. Yeah. And I read that Whitley Strieber book too, and it was weird because, after I read it, I had to think either a) he’s crazy, or b) he’s lying, or c) they’re here-errrr. So I decided to stop thinking about it. Well, anyway, time for another flapjam blog entry, I say, and quickly, before I comment again. Oh, and football? It’s never, ever boring. Annoying sometimes, when they call the wrong damn plays, but boring? I don’t think so.

11:05 PM  
Blogger h. said...

Kudos on getting the award for best comment, positively4thst! And I do know that 5 o'clock world song of which you speak -- and not from watching a few episodes of the Drew Carey Show here'n'there.

Anyhoo, there will be some Flapjam updates soon, so please check back in the not too far off future. ;)

(btw, football is still boring. There, I said it again.)

10:20 AM  

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