March 11, 2007


Ok, I might be late to the party, but these changes show I'm capable of some growth (and I don't mean physically).

1. DSLicious--Yep, I finally got DSL. And you know what? Despite my bitching and moaning about having to go to Radio Shack to get a longer cord, and despite having to make a long-distance call to India for support for my Dell computer, it's like, really awesome! (Ok, fine, the call to India was toll-free, but you have to admit, it *is* a long distance to India!)

Having DSL means that I can spend even more money in the iTunes store to download lost songs from my youth or, frankly, lost songs from loaning mix tapes to people who weren't exactly schooled in the way of returning them.

Having DSL also means that I can listen to podcasts now. This morning, I heard a podcast from a star on the soap I watch. That's right, instead of listening to important policymakers (who, let's face it, are boring usually), I can get insights from actors about their methods and storylines. Entertainment is not just Weekly, it's daily with DSL!

But mostly, having DSL means that I won't get WTF looks from people when I tell them I'm on dial-up. Seriously, those WTF looks...they hurt, people. They really hurt.

2. Other changes are in the works, but I don't want to bowl you over with too many unfathomable things at once, so check back, k?

If you've undergone a change (no matter how tiny), feel free to share so we may all revel in it.


Blogger Jelly-Filled said...

Congrats on the DSL! That must be awesome!

Hm, the only change I can think of is pitifully sad and small. Except not really small, since they're size 10W. I got new shoes after my two favorite pairs literally fell apart. Really, I got two new pairs, but the first pair rubbed blisters on my feet the first time I wore them, on a shopping trip to Walmart. So I got another, more comfortable pair at said Walmart during said shopping trip. Hip I am not. But the feet? They are comfy now.

9:51 PM  
Blogger H. said...

I totally hear you on the foot probs, as I have had my share of them! And sacrificing style for comfort...let's just say you're not alone there either. :)

Btw, my fave thing about having DSL is that I can now call people and say, "I'm talking to you while I'm on the Internet." Fun! :)

10:46 AM  

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