September 05, 2006

Return of the Death Blog.

I didn't want to do a return of the Death Blog, but sometimes, when you read about something horrific, you kinda gotta get it out there.

I admit, I was mostly a fan of Steve Irwin's (aka The Crocodile Hunter) in the sense that I enjoyed trying to imitate his accent. (It's not mocking if you're trying to do it in earnest.) So today when I saw a headline on MSN about a stingray, his chest, and his death, I admit I was shocked. So I went back to Yahoo!—yes, I ditched them as my homepage after 10 years because I hate their new design, and yes, I realize it is greatly similar to MSN's, but I'm trying to write about a shocking death here, so don't bust my chops—and saw that if this was a joke, then all of the major portals were in on it.

I clicked on the newslink.

I read the article.

Sadly, it was not a joke.



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New post, please!

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