July 24, 2007


There are some things that annoy me. I am feeling particularly outraged and annoyed because I can't even get on this freaking website to view its online catalog for office supplies. You have to log in. With an ID, and then blah blah blah if you're a new customer, then you fill the form out and you get a stupid "A customer representative will contact you shortly." You know what? I pity the rep who ends up calling me.


Also, I just read where Illinois will institute a ban on smoking in public places. While I admit I like going to places that are not very smoke-ridden, I do think this kind of sucks. This will just push more smokers to the great outdoors, where they will puff away in front of me on the sidewalk, leaving me to inhale their exhalations (a thing I find gross anyway, smoke notwithstanding). If you read Illinois Bans Smoking in Public Places, you can get the skinny.

I say as long as a restaurant has a non-smoking section that you can get to without having to walk through the smoking section, fine. I don't smoke, I don't like smoke, and I don't enjoy it, but making all bars and restaurants smoke-free (and workplaces), seems a little weird. Forget the whole "economy founded on tobacco" stance and forget the whole "smokers' rights" thing. If they're going to do this, and they are, then I suggest they take it a step further. Bring back Prohibition. Because more people are likely to die from some sot who's leaving a barstool to get behind the wheel of his car than would die from his smoke. (Then again, the drunk driving accident will kill you quicker, so..I don't know...maybe I'm arguing the wrong thing.)


AND...I just read about how the IRS is getting a smackdown for removing the free Telefile option it used to provide. I was one of the folks who LOVED telefiling. It was over the phone, it was quick, it did the math automatically, and it was usually decent. (There was the refund problem one time, but we will let that slide since I eventually got it.) My beef with going to e-filing is this: If you make under a certain amount, you can file for free. But if you make just a tad over that amount, you will be charged a fee. I don't recall if Telefile only allowed certain income levels to file or not, but the point is this: FILING YOUR DAMNED TAXES SHOULD BE FREE! I mean hello, we're getting taxed anyway. You shouldn't have to pay to do things that are mandatory. Gripity gripe gripe.

Hm. I wonder if that means burials should be free.

This is just the sort of post I write without actually thinking it through, so if there are flaws or awkward sot sentencing, just enjoy them and don't even bother taking me to task.

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