March 11, 2007

Forced Metamorphosis

Sometimes you make your own metamorphosis, and other times it's forced on you by the world around you. In rereading the Metamorphosis post below, I realized that I mentioned iTunes. iTunes usually means one has an iPod, and I have to say, most people who know me recognize that I'm not the first person to go out and buy personal technology. In fact, I'm either second to last, or by the time I'm ready to purchase it, it's already gone out of style or been discontinued.

So I feel compelled to let you know that my iPod, though nifty, was not a purchase I made on my own. In fact, I didn't even purchase it. I won it at the holiday party at work this year, and what's more, it's a video iPod. Ironic if you think about it...the chick on dial-up wins some nifty techie thing that she can't readily/easily use.

What's more, I also won a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy that day. I have yet to spend it, only because I didn't want it to burn a hole in my pocket. I am greedily storing it, much like squirrels with their nuts. I mean the nuts they scrounge for. Yeesh.

Well, I had more to say, but after that squirrel thing, I sort of lost my train of thought. (I guess some things never change.)


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