June 13, 2008

Deathblog Shocker of the Latest Kind

So I was just on the way back from the ladies' room at work. Instead of taking the main hallway back to the turnoff area closest to my cube, I meandered because I wanted to ask someone who put up the latest sign about not throwing paper towels on the floor. I had an idea of who it was, since she had put a cardboard box in there to deter folks--grown women, in fact, who hold down jobs--from depositing their paper towels on the floor after using them to open the door.

It was a great idea, up until someone (I have no idea who) removed the box. They didn't even remove it immediately. We'd all been using it for months until someone just up and took it away.

It's been gone a while, but today is the first time since its departure that we've seen wadded-up beige paper on the floor. It's mind-boggling. I mean, really, why can't you just open the door, keep the towel, then throw it out at your desk???

Anyhoo, I meandered over to ask about it when another co-worker over there, who was talking to someone else, asked if I knew who Tim Russert was.

"I sure do," I said, which prompted her to tell me that he had dropped dead from an apparent coronary.

I was pretty shocked. Even more shocking, the lady she was telling was eating her lunch (a sandwich from Subway), which prompted me to say, "She's eating her lunch....have some consideration, man."

Granted, I don't watch Meet the Press, but I like Tim Russert. It may be partly because of his demeanor, but it's probably more likely due to the fact that he appeared on "Homicide: Life on the Street." See, back in the day, this show featured a character named Lieutenant (later Captain) Russert. And her character was the cousin of the real Tim Russert. I thought that was pretty cool. You have to like a guy who's okay with being the cousin of a fictional character. I mean, he even appeared in an episode.



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