July 07, 2008

Once More With Feeling...

No, I have not yet looked at any clips, and yes, I have only read an early review (courtesy of Matt Roush at TVGuide.com), but hello, it's from the creator of BtVS and Angel (as well as Firefly, though admittedly, that one wasn't my bag -- I only saw the few eps that Fox aired (out of order) so there you go) so of course this is going to be hilarious, interesting, and totally worth watching (not to mention it is worthy of a humongous run-on) so -- get your bookmarks ready to enjoy:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Coming to a computer near you this July 15th. (It stars Neil Patrick Harris, need I say more???)

Okay, well, here's the Matt Roush Dispatch on it.

Btw, how random is this...in the cab to work this morning, I suddenly wondered how to spell Quaalude. Like, were there two As - I was pretty sure that yes, there were. (I don't even know why I thought about this word, only I think I was thinking of a word that rhymed with it that spurred it all.) Anyhoo as I was just now looking for the Matt Roush review to link, I scrolled down the Ask Matt column and saw the word Quaalude in a question! Seriously, I ask you, is that not random or what?!?? Or wait. Maybe it is a coincidence. Well, whatever, it's weird.

Btw, if you weren't aware, BtVS = Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the creator of those aforementioned shows? Joss Whedon. (The man deserves some credit, see?)

Btw squared - I just remembered how Quaalude came about -- I was thinking of the word "prelude" -- don't ask why...and suddenly here came Quaalude(s). (Not literally.) Jeesh.

AND OF COURSE, The Schedule:

Part I of Dr. Horrible, etc. will be available July 15th.
Part II goes up July 17th.
Part III comes to town on July 19th.

The show will stay up through midnight on July 20th. (Um, should I mention that's my birthday? Coincidence? Or Quaalude?)


Blogger Jelly-Filled said...

Hey, thanks for adding the part about "prelude." I was trying to come up with something that rhymes with quaalude and was going to go INSANE if I couldn't figure it out. You have (momentarily) saved my sanity. :-)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

Oh, COOOL!!!! I can't believe I'm marking my calendar for an internet show. The times, they are a'changin'!

Quaalude is definitely an oddball word. All medications have weird names, I think. That being said, my husband has a girl in class named after a weight loss drug. I am not making this up. (I wish I was!)

11:39 AM  
Blogger H. said...

rebecca: My first thought was, "Her name is Hoodia??" Egads, people, just..egads!
Also, I know I am going to be the one person who promotes the show, then somehow forgets to watch it.

jelly: :D I can imagine what you were going through, trust me. (Hm, now I wonder if there are any other words that rhyme with it.)

11:54 AM  

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