December 04, 2008

Sung in the key of Gah!

Ohhh...the neighbors next door are yelling,
Their noise I don't see quelling...
And since I've no place to go (for another 11 hours),
What a woe, what a woe, what a woe.

Let's change it up a bit, shall we? See if you can guess the tune to this little (seasonal) ditty.

Oh my head is aching now...
Can't my migraine take a bow?

Pain that sears into my brain...
Seems to make me (more) insane.

Neither meds nor the shower took...
My eyes won't let me read my book. :(

F*ck! The harried Flapjam thinks...
This damned migraine really stinks.
F*ck - why does the weather suck?
Guess I'm just plain out of luck.

In case you haven't gleaned it, I'm feeling rather ugh. I had started an entry today about something stupid, like which cat do you prefer, Heathcliff or Garfield, but didn't get around to posting it. I also have a tale about my Thanksgiving sojourn (such as it was). One of these days, I will get around to writing it. Hope you enjoyed the xmas songs above. (I'm not xmasy myself, and I prefer cartoon songs like Heat Miser. Never heard Heat Miser? Why, have yourself a listen! Consider it an early (and only) gift from me to you.)

Another Rankin-Bass classic! (The Year without a Santa Claus)

Heat Miser is second in the video. Snappy, aren't they? :D


Anonymous rebecca said...

Hahaha! A few years ago, my kids all got a horrible stomach virus over Christmas, so I spent all Christmas break cleaning up vomit and poo and getting, like, NO sleep. (TMI, I'm sure. Sorry.) So, to keep my sanity, I wrote parodies of all the Christmas carols, and emailed them to my Mom, who kept them and still laughs about them today.

Parody-writing is theraputic. :)

And I'm with ya on the weather. I friggin HATE winter. Hate it. HATE IT HATE IT hateithateithateit. I really think my ancestors came from idyllic tropical islands, where it's 70-80 degrees year round.

12:29 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Hi rebecca! :D Your parodies sound hilarious, you should post them (especially if they are scatological in nature, heh heh). I fricking love doing parodies. Lately I'm doing ones to "Good Lovin'" in my head, I don't know why. It's an easy tune to work with I guess.

It's maybe 12 degrees out here, which explains why I am staying in for lunch today. I'm also thinking the migraine was sinus-related, but who really knows. Like the title said....Gah!

1:06 PM  

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