September 16, 2005

"Monster Smash?" Redux

Time to update the blog. Sure, I'm copying something I just e-mailed to someone, but it's my good deed for the day; I'm just trying to help you avert a viewing tragedy.

forgot to mention i saw Constantine last nite. Oh. My. God. Your review was so off-the-mark. The movie was not terrible. It was the most god-awful boring stupid piece of **** movie I have seen in a very long time. It could actually be the worst movie I've ever seen, but I'm not sure. I kept thinking, "How did this ever get green-lighted? (greenlit?)!!"

GAH! I don't know why i just didn't turn it off and stop watching. So. Boring. And awful. Oh man..

Next time you say a movie is terrible, know that i will ascribe it to the shitheap immediately. (I believed you and all, and i knew it was going to suck, i just didn't know the degree to which it would suck.)


Well, I know the degree now. It's called "nth."


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