July 31, 2007

YouTube and other conjugations

I was going to post about my little trip to work this morning, but was inspired to do otherwise after reading this at WhoAmUsAnyway.

After I read the "Hey Man" post, the first place I went (in my head, of course) was to the great old, "Hey, mon, is that 'Freedom Rock'...?" "Yeah, man!" "Well, turn it UP, man!!"

Sigh...they just don't make commercials like they used to. But maybe it doesn't matter. With YouTube, you're bound to find what you're looking for (Freedom Rock).

Or maybe you weren't looking for it, but...(MonChiChi)

And hey, it's not as if the Taco Bell lions come around anymore, but at least they're preserved on YouTube.

I do tube, YouTube. And thanks!

Flapjam's Randomly Selected Commercial of the Moment:

  • VW Jetta "Synchronicity"

    Filmed in New Orleans. (Note a pre-Nina Myers ("24") Sarah Clarke in the passenger seat.) I loved this commercial when it came out. I went to the website to hear the song, and naturally, played it over and over and over again. Did it inspire me to buy the car? Not so much. But hey, that's freedom, man.


Blogger Who Am Us Anyway said...

Nice and although those Freedom Rock guys aren't actual hippies they DO play hippies on TV so you have to give them that.

I've also personally enjoyed listening to my two very favorite actual hippies talking to my absolute favorite bumbling yet nicely weird & eccentric journalist kind of guy, all 3 dead now, unfortunately, Tom just recently ...

I think you're right about the Jetta synchronicity ad; Jerry & Ken would've liked it too though I of course don't know why.

9:17 PM  

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