August 26, 2007

Ah, screw it

First hammers, now screws. What, do you think I'm embodying Bob Vila? Cos I ain't.

Anyhoo, the whole 'screw it' thing actually refers to my posting. I wasn't going to post, since I just returned from a li'l sojourn vacay thang back in WV, and I haven't eaten since about 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. It is now 9:01 Central Time, and I think that means I haven't eaten for five hours, but I can't be sure.

The reason I can't be sure is because I think it was 5:30 Eastern, but I may be mistaken.

The plane ride home was uneventful, though I admit to being slightly annoyed by my seatmate. And not just because he was hogging the frigging armrest. Who decides who gets the armrest anyway? I was the first one in the seat, maybe I should have commandeered it. But whatever.

Why don't they give each of us an armrest? I mean really. I remember fighting with my brother over the armrest at some point. Whether it was at the movies or on an airplane, or if we went into a furniture store just so we could fight over the armrest. (Ok, that last one, it maybe didn't really happen.)

At some point we got over the armrestling (sic).

Oh. My point. Yes.

The reason my seatmate was annoying was because he was my seatmate. The person in the row in front of us...did not have a seatmate.

The person in the row across from us...did not have a seatmate.

The guy who was diagonally behind me...did not have a seatmate.

The guy who was snoring in the row behind us...did not have a seatmate.

I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Also, the flight was nowhere near full. The stewardess, oops, I mean, flight attendant (Megan? And it was probably all fancy with an 'h' so...Meghan) even asked two folks to move from the front rows to the back rows. Weight distribution and all that.

But whatever. I sat in 6C (not considered the front when the plane has 14 rows) and munched on my cold pepperoni roll and slurped my water (ok I really sipped it quietly) and sprayed my Afrin and...hey...what do you I sound annoying.



Anonymous Hoyt said...

The seatmate is really a hit or miss thing. You either get someone really cool ("Hi, my name's Photon. Do you mind if I use the armrest? . . . ) Or you get the silent, no-tawk dude who utters not a word, sound or utter peep during the trip. Sounds like you got the latter.


2:17 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Well, we did exchange a smile after the pilot came over the loudspeaker and scared the bejabbers out of everybody. Heh. I literally jumped in my seat.

But of course, he was no Luke (last name withheld due to privacy). Remember that guy who sat between us on the flight from New Orleans that time? I totally remember his last name. (But that's probably because I made him give me his phone number, which I never did use...)

Hey the secret word verification thing is taiopcs which I first read as "tapiocas."

12:00 AM  

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