August 12, 2007

If I had a hammer...

I'd use it to maim my upstairs neighbor. He is a maniac with the hammer, sometimes hammering after 10 pm at night, and sometimes early in the morning. This morning, for instance, he woke me up at 6:15 a.m.! And I was even wearing earplugs (don't ask)! What was particularly annoying about this is the fact that I was having a very interesting dream. Like one with a plot and everything. I remember that I was translating Sanskrit. (It's funny because I think someone must have given me a code for the alphabet, so I was using it to translate something, but what exactly, I forget.) But I couldn't get back to sleep or get back into that dream, and I just know it would have had a nifty sci-fi element going on, too.

So, today or tomorrow, when I see the bldg. manager, I will have to tell her about the upstairs loser. Sorry, but I can't stand peeps who are inconsiderate like that. Like, have some common sense, and realize that the noise from your hammer is going to be heard by other people.


Please note that the above was written in an e-mail this (Sunday!!) morning, but I felt the need to rant about it on my blog as well. I just don't understand what is wrong with people. And even if I did, I would likely be distracted by some fool and forget.


Blogger Who Am Us Anyway said...

Now that's what you'd call a brilliant post, with the unexpected change of POV at the end ... cool.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Who Am Us Anyway said...

Please note that the above comment was actually meant to respond to the more recent post re your flight back home from West Virginny, which you ended with "hmmm..." -- not that this post isn't ALSO brilliant ... AND remicent of my days living on the first floor of a house where the second floor was occupied by the Towson State University Football Team ... (Yes i confronted these alcohol-impaired giants mano a mano at 1 a.m. & no I wasn't beaten to a pulp though i know not why ... maybe they thought it would be bad luck to kill a crazy man ...)

12:39 AM  
Blogger H. said...

What I really like about the 2 comments here (despite the fact that you said the placement of the first was incorrect) is that it looks like people are commenting. Oh and the content of the comments is good, too. :)

Yeah, as I was typing what I was doing on the plane, I started wondering if the seatmate thought *I* was annoying. (But of course, we all know that couldn't possibly be true...)

You should post about the Towson Confrontation. So I can live vicariuosly and perhaps be inspired to ferret out my hammer-wielding neighbor and give him (or her) the business.

12:20 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Didja note my typo of vicariously above?

Neither did I.

12:20 PM  

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