February 23, 2017

An Exercise in Futility (Hey at least I'm exercising)

I've been reading a shit ton of horrible blogging lately, and so I thought I would try my hand at it too. It seems that the worse your writing skills are, the more profilic you are. Well, I need to be prolific.

Did you ever notice that prolific sort of sounds like pro-life? I am giving birth to words.

I am pro-words. 

The other thing I wanted to say is, I have to go to the bathroom. I drank a decaffeinated coffee beverage and some water and so that's probably why.

Hm. This still seems like semi-decent stream-of-consciousness. I am worried that if I try a different tack, I may blow my mind up for good.

On Saturday we are moving. That's right. Leaving the building for a new building.

I would say more, but why?

In other news, I also have to get my glasses redone, for the second time. It's not cool.

I am enjoying these short paragraphs, what about you?

What was the worst thing you ever wrote?


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