December 20, 2004

Creature Discomforts

I was gonna write about my latest bout with dead ___ (plural insect, rhymes with poaches) but the very thought of it freaks me out so I'll just change the subject.

Let's see. Here are some things that happened at work today.

1. The heating elements on some of the floors were busted, so it was pretty cold.
2. Some dumbass left a few cans of Sprite in the freezer and they all exploded.

When I envisioned the explosion, the freezer door was blown clear off. That's not how it happens in real life, but it's kind of exciting to picture.

There was an amusing e-mail exchange about the incident in which it was noted that a) these explosions are a pain to clean up, and b) this was not the first time it has happened on our floor. Suggestions for discouraging people from going for the 'quick freeze' were solicited. Let's can we discourage people from freezing their pop...

How about...

a. Get some's free in the kitchen on 15.
b. Buy a cold pop instead of bringing your own six-pack, cheapass.
c. Put it in the fridge and wait a while for it to chill.
d. Then go down to 15 and get some ass, I mean, ice (seriously bad typo back there, but I'm leaving it in), schmuck.
e. Drink water. Sprite sucks and their ads blow. In fact, I can't recall seeing an ad for Sprite in the past few months. And I watch a lot of tv.
f. I probably watch too much tv.
g. What am I saying? I heart tv.

Beyond that, not much to report. The bus ride home was tolerable, even though upon exiting, some chick kicked over another chick's latte or whatever. Fortunately, my shoes and pants escaped the line of fire.

If you have any suggestions for discouraging the quick freeze, feel free to post 'em here.


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