November 06, 2007

Just Me and My Raincloud



Yep, that cursing you just read (not to mention the sound of my head exploding) is courtesy of my finding out that yet another favorite product has been discontinued.

The Victim: Well, me. Oh, no, that should be product. Let's try that again.

The Victim: McCormick's Mexican Seasoning.

I bought a bottle of this some years ago and have almost used it all up. I like to use it when making Taco Surprise. Taco Surprise--which may be described somewhere on Flapjam, but in the event that it's not--is named as such because a) it involves tacos and b) it's always a surprise when I decide to cook something.

My Taco Surprise usually involves browning some "Mexican Seasoned" ground round or hey, sirloin if I'm feeling rich (I'm never feeling rich) and grating the most delicious Country's Delight Sharp Cheddar Cheese. And oh yeah, there are Old El Paso taco shells, to boot. Mmm.

When I tire of eating the tacos with the delicious cheese & meat, I will break some of the taco shells, put 'em in a bowl with the meat and cheese, and finish chowing the meal. So, it's like a start out eating tacos, then move to "taco in a bowl" -- it's all about the novelty and changing things up.

Anyhoo, as I mentioned earlier, I am almost out of Mexican Seasoning, so I've been scouring the spice racks at my local grocery stores. I said stores, because I've been to three so far. The Jewel (RIP President's Choice English Pub-Style Fish & Chips) has the most spices to choose from. There appears to be a freaking spice or seasoning or marinade or rub for everything. In fact, there are some for things I've never even heard of, such as:

1. Montreal Chicken seasoning - What the hell is Montreal Chicken?
2. Montreal Steak seasoning - If it's just seasoning, couldn't you use the chicken one instead, or vice-versa? Why don't they just make "Montreal Seasoning?"
3. Caribbean Jerk seasoning - So very '90s. (not really)
4. Original Chicken Seasoning - better watch it, Montreal's creeping up on ya.
5. A whole line of California Blends. (I guess it's not Texas that's a whole other country anymore...)

I would rant more, but the point is, today I went to McCormick's website to see what the hell was going on, and naturally, speak my piece. I did a search and found that Mexican Seasoning is available to purchase online in *limited quantities. The *limited quantities thing set off a warning bell, like, "Uh-oh, you know what this means. Closing out a discontinued product..."

So, as I did during the Spring Rain fiasco earlier this summer (scroll down, I'm not linking to it), I proceeded to buy as much as I could. I bought 3 Mexican Seasonings. And what with the delivery charge, I think I ended up paying 25 bucks. I don't know what the exchange rate is down in Mexico, but I don't think I made out very well.

And don't worry...I've contacted the company already with my questions and concerns.


Here's a list of the other Dearly Departed products from McCormick.

And if you want to know about California Blends...

In the meantime, just know that I continue to live life under my sad & lonely raincloud. (They may cancel Days of Our Lives in 2009, so trust me when I say I think this whole discontinued/cancellation thing is starting to get personal.) :(

UPDATE!! I just searched again for Mexican Seasoning, and the page I got now shows that it was discontinued in June 2007, and to try the Fajita Seasoning in its place. This is like 10 minutes after I submitted my comments and my email. I did not get this information returned with my original search query. Hmmmm.

Also, I've seen the Fajita seasoning. It doesn't contain the same ingredients and looks vastly different from said Mexican Seasoning. Oh well.

Estimate Time of Death of Taco Surprise: 2014 (depending on how long seasoning is good for).


Blogger Who Am Us Anyway said...

I know what you mean. It's getting so you can't even get a good oyster stew anymore.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Rebecca Burch said...

I feel your pain. I am a big fan of the Mexican seasoning.

This is pretty good -- I found it when I visited a Penzeys shop in Ohio.

It is similar. Not exactly the same, but has a good flavor.

(I wandered in here from Mr. Chinchilla's blog, in case you're wondering. *g*)

1:11 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the comment and the recommendation! I'm always happy to try a product that could replace an old favorite. :) (Now I'll hope for a Spring Rain replacement...)

In any case, I'm glad I won't be suffering alone.

8:26 PM  

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