January 22, 2008

Deathblog: YA Edition

Okay, my new homepage at work is our new Intranet, so I don't have the convenience of having Yahoo! automatically load whenever I accidentally hit the "home" button in my browser.

So just now when I typed in Yahoo!, I was greeted with the shocking headline of actor Heath Ledger's death. I think it was shocking because, well, I wasn't expecting it. By contrast, I didn't learn of young actor Brad Renfro's recent death until I had my Entertainment Weekly in hand. Did I just miss Renfro on Yahoo! due to the Intranet mandate or did he not merit such a large mention? Either way, it was shocking to know that he'd been dead for about a week (or 3 or 4 days) before I even heard of it. It was maybe less shocking in that I knew of his drug problem, but still...

I heard about Suzanne Pleshette's death, also, and while it was sad, it was less shocking for me. I think this is because I'd seen her name on some tabloids at the grocery, tabloids that basically predicted her soon-to-be demise.

But the Heath thing? No warning. No precedent. Nothing.


(I should probably move that Brokeback Mountain flick up on my Netflix, eh?)


Anonymous aam104 said...

and now Randy Salerno has left us! RIP 1/24/08

1:43 PM  

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