January 01, 2008

This Just In: It's 3:44 a.m.

It's 3:44 a.m. and I've been perusing the web, you lucky people. Take a gander at this faboo column on annoying words, phrases, and cliches, some of which I admit to using myself. (But that's only cos I need to keep up appearances with the teenyboppers.)

And, in an effort to avoid asking someone to please return an item I loaned almost a year ago, I've gone ahead and ordered a new copy from amazon.com. Now before you go all, "Dang, what a wuss," or "Sheesh, way to waste some buckage, doofus," lemme tell you a few things about it.

1. I loaned the item to a co-worker. Said co-worker didn't ask for it or anything, I just volunteered it. (Mistake Number One when it comes to lending & loaning.)

2. I only did it cos I was surprised she hadn't seen this gem of a film before, and I knew she liked one of the actors in it.

3. Hm, I wonder if I ever gave her my blog address? I hope not, how red would my face be?!?

4. It was pretty red today, actually. I think the Retin-A micropump may be overdrying and possibly irritating my skin a bit. I'll have to mention it to the dermatologist when I see him and his insane posse of residents on the tenth.

5. Anyhoo, I brought it in one day and gave it to her. I know she's pretty busy this year and has had a lot going on. Which is partly why I feel kinda stupid about asking for the item back. If that makes sense. I feel like a Native American Giver, ya know? Even though it was a loan, and not a tax-free donation or anything.

6. Who am I kidding. We all know that Indian Giver is the term of choice. At least for some of us.

7. Anyways, I had about 9 bucks left on the amazon gift card and the dvd was $10.49, so really I only paid about $4.44 for it for shipping 'n' stuff.

8. Still, I kinda feel like the hole of a donkey, because, why couldn't I just ask for it back?

9. Jeesh.

10. Let's hope this doesn't set a precedent for 2008. But it probably will. Santayana and all that. (Except, I never forget.)

11. Happy Frickin' New Year! :D


Blogger Hannah L said...

yikes ... was it me? What was the movie?

9:39 AM  
Blogger H. said...

Hee hee, I kind of wondered how many folks would think this was about them. ;) Nope, it's a current co-worker. I'll e-mail you what the movie is (cos I wonder if anyone else will think, "Moi?").

2:02 PM  
Blogger Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Happy New Year, H.

Hey I like one of the sayings on that list-o-annoying sayings though. "It is what it is" has been helpful to me at times when I catch myself obsessing about some problem that I realistically can't fix no matter how much I'd like to.

Hey & your Mystery Video reminds me that I'd sure like to see you do some movie & TV blogging this year. I need video direction! (And don't forget to write some scripts & send 'em in to the TV show of your choice.)

3:43 PM  
Blogger H. said...

Ooh - the tv blogging does sound like a fun time. Altho I admit I'm not as enthused about the medium as I once was. Maybe it's the dearth of good shows? Or the death knell of the WB a couple years back. Sigh. It's just not 2001-02 anymore.

I do, however, recommend the following show for ya: Friday Night Lights. Rent the first season on dvd (or buy it, it's under 20 bucks) and then watch the rest at the NBC website. While you do it, think about how much money the writers aren't getting from the downloads, and feel appropriately guilty. Then shrug it off because hey, if folks in Hollywood can't come to terms, how do they expect the fricking world to operate peacefully? Hm? Or is it true what they say, that Hollywood really *is* the devil's playground... :)

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Hoyt said...

Yeah, nobody ever returns the good stuff. I've lost my favorite philosophy book that's now out of print after I loaned it to my buddy. I hope he's having fun reading about rational choice while he's hundreds of miles away now.

7:27 AM  

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