February 04, 2005

My Cup Runneth Over

Today I took two plastic cups from a bag that's in a drawer in one of the unused offices. Then I went down to 15 to buy a cold Coke and fill my cups with ice, like that Sprite-exploder should've done a few weeks ago.

Anyhoo, I'm sitting here doing my work, taking a swig of my icy-cold concoction every now and again when all of a sudden I notice that my cup stinks. It's this weird stale odor that is probably only reserved for very thin, slightly reddish, jumbo-sized plastic cups. I mean, when I drink my beverage in one of those tiny insulated Styrofoam jobs, there's no problem. But I was out of those cos I only swiped two last time we had a group gathering with food.

And the ice in my other cup just shifted and scared the shit out of me, which is probably a sign that I'd better get back to work. Hey, maybe the smell was a sign that I should quit drinking Coke...

Note: Originally this post was going to just say: My cup stinks.
But I thought that might reflect poorly on me hence the long version.


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